Analytics Implementation Bootcamp

  • Datum:
    • 01-07-2019: 10:00 - 17:00
    • 02-07-2019: 10:00 - 17:00
    • 03-07-2019: 10:00 - 17:00
    • 04-07-2019: 10:00 - 17:00
  • Capaciteit: 20 personen
  • Prijs: Gratis
  • Plaatsen vrij: 20 personen
  • Min. aantal deelnemers: 5 personen
  • Training taal: Nederlands
  • Certificaat: Ja


We invite you to enhance both your theoretical and practical knowledge on “Oracle Analytics Cloud Training”. Experienced, skilled and organised instructors, available for you in the Partner Academy’s comfortable class at Bodegraven!

Organisations today collect data at unprecedented rates, yet everyday employees still struggle to obtain and analyse business-changing information. Oracle Analytics Cloud Service enables all users to tap into the most pertinent data, whenever and wherever they need it. With Oracle Analytics Cloud Service, robust analysis is accessible to everyone, from individuals to large workgroups, across the enterprise.

Oracle Analytics Cloud Service Bootcamp is a 4-day hands-on workshop that focuses on key features of Oracle Analytics Cloud Service and describes in detail typical workflows of creating analyses, data visualisations and data modeling in the cloud.


Computer Requirements:

For this course, the participants should bring their own laptops with the following capabilities:

  • Windows workstation with 8 GB of RAM for each student, with the following software optionally installed:
  • Oracle Data Visualisation Desktop
  • Oracle BI Client for OAC (Oracle BI Administration)
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • Audience : Business Analysts, Database Administrators, Functional Implementer, Developer, System Administrator, Technical Consultant



To ensure a valuable learning experience, it is expected that participants have: 

  • Experience on enterprise application architecture and implementation life cycle.
  • Some exposure to analytical and reporting tools
  • Domain experience in Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse design and data modeling.



Day 1.

  • Oracle Analytic Cloud Workshop: Introduction
  • About Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Uploading Data to the Cloud using DataSync
  • Modeling Data in OAC using Data Modeler

Day 2.

  • Modeling Data in OAC using Data Modeler (cont.)
  • Essbase Cloud Service Technical Overview
  • Explore Essbase Cloud Tools
  • Exploring, Building and Calculating Essbase Cloud

Day 3.

  • Essbase Cloud Partitioning, Tuning, Optimisation and Security
  • Interactive Dashboards and Reporting: Getting Started with Answers
  • Interactive Dashboards and Reporting: Building Interactive Dashboards

Day 4.

  • Data Visualisation with DV Cloud Service and DV Desktop
  • Data Visualisation: Data Modeling and Data Mashup
  • DV and Machine Learning: Using Analytic Functions, Creating ML Models with Data Flows
  • Using Mobile Analytics: Day by Day and Synopsis
  • Oracle Analytic Cloud Workshop: Wrap-up


Terms and Conditions :

Due to capacity limitation of classes, first come first serve rule would be applied.

This course is exclusive to Oracle partners and tailored to your needs.

The Academy offers dedicated training for partners. The program covers the full Oracle product and

applications footprint and is designed to meet partner’s needs.


  • 09:30 uur Welcome
  • 10:00 uur Session 1
  • 11:00 uur Coffee Break
  • 11:15 uur Session 2
  • 12:30 uur Lunch
  • 13:15 uur Session 3
  • 14:45 uur Coffee Break
  • 15:00 uur Session 4
  • 17:00 uur Eind
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